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Tue, July 14, 2020
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Party Room Now Available


Party Details

Our party room may be reserved on Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. until show time at 2 p.m.


1)      $7 per child (12 children minimum), which includes party room rental, kiddie combo box for each child, plates and eating utensils, and hostess to assist with the party,


2)      $6 per child theatre admission (add $2 per child for 3D films)

Cash or credit card is accepted for the party rental and theatre admissions. 

Contact Blake Pickle at 417-2265 for more information and reservations.   


**Be sure to indicate on invitations that the party start time is at 1pm.  This will allow 1 hour for the party before the feature presentation begins at 2pm.


The host of the party can arrive at the theater to set up any additional decorations before the 1pm party start time.  Please specify the time you would like to arrive when reserving the party room if the host wishes to arrive early.   





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